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As we enter the 21st Century, the global challenges we face must be tackled using the tools of science & technology.

My name is Kate Tobin, and I am an independent multimedia writer and producer specializing in science journalism. I was a senior producer with CNN’s Science & Technology Unit for 18 years, and I have extensive experience covering science, technology, space and the environment. A graduate of Agnes Scott College with degrees in both English and biology, I seek to bring my passion for storytelling to the critically import realm of the sciences. I am based in Atlanta.

I have some really exciting projects going on right now. I am currently the Executive Producer of the National Science Foundation’s “Science Nation” series, which highlights the cool research that NSF funds. We just passed 200 projects for “Science Nation” – and I am so pleased with the work that we’ve done over the past three years!

Additionally, I am working closely with Miles O’Brien as the Field Producer for the PBS NewsHour’s Science Unit. I am truly jazzed to have the opportunity to work on longer science & tech pieces for a news outfit with such integrity.  I also edit our stories.

I would be very interested in talking to you and working with you on projects you have in development.

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